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2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2017 Xterra Front Bumper, 2nd Generation

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    If you like to play hard in your Nissan Xterra, you need serious protection. The low hanging, plastic, factory bumper will kill your approach and is easily ripped off by rocks and ruts off road. A ShrockWorks front bumper is exactly what you need to be able to charge ahead with confidence.

    Don’t waste your time and money on a brush guard. They often cause more damage than they prevent hence why they are commonly referred to as “damage multipliers.”

    You’re looking at the best bumper available for your Xterra. Like all ShrockWorks products, it’s designed in 3D CAD, CNC cut and formed for a perfect fit, every time. From there, it is hand fit and welded by skilled craftsmen, here in Houston, TX, one at a time, just how you ordered it.

    Our bumper is also very strong. The main shell is made from 3/16" HRP&O plate steel. The internal structure and mounting brackets are made from 1/4" plate and the recovery tabs are 1" thick.

    Despite the strength, many hours at the CAD computer kept the weight down to 130 lbs. No suspension modifications are required to mount this bumper. Your air bags will also remain fully functional.

- optimized for offroad use offering a greatly improved approach angle
- hidden winch mount accommodates most integrated and remote
  solenoid winches up to 9,500 lbs
- 1" thick recovery points
- integrated mounts for factory fog lights
- mounts for aftermarket lights on top of the bumper
- includes radiator skid plate
- frame brackets adjustable for a body lift
- simple bolt-on installation

- show quality powder coat finish
- several tubing options available including a low profile prerunner hoop
  designed for a 20" Rigid E-series light bar (#120312)
- lighting on top of the bumper
- Qty2 black powder coated clevis shackles

Individually handmade to order
by skilled craftsman in Houston, TX, U S A


This product is shipped as truck freight.
Manufacturer ShrockWorks
Part #: NXTR2-FBPR-01A
Fits: Nissan Xterra 2005-2017
Select Finish
Select Top Tubing
Fog Lights
Lights on Top
Clevis Shackles



Customer Reviews

Author: Hank Fisher
I bought the Shrockworks winch bumper a couple months ago and it has been great! Has provided me needed extra protection and way more approach angle. It has also gotten me out of some sticky situations in the mud. Also looks way cooler. Its worth your money!

Author: MC
I got a chance to look at this bumper side by side with the copy cats. I sure am glad I bought from Shrockworks! The difference is huge! Accept no other. Perfect fit and finish and easy DIY installation with one helper. MC

Author: Paul Claxton
This bumper is not only good looking but very functional. The added light mounts and heavy duty winch mount are nice additions but the true benefit of this bumper for the Xterra are the improved approach angle, the exposed wheels, and the added radiator protection from the included skid plate. A bit of effort to install but with the help of chain fall, electric hoist, or some strong friends it's well worth it.

Author: Ryan in IN
I've had this bumper for a while and have received a ton of complements and stares from everyone. Definitely should invest in off roading tires also because this bumper shows off about 3/4 of your front tires looking at the front of the vehicle. Angle of approach is unbelievable and it even pushes down fallen trees to drive over haha alot of fun!!! 8th picture down on the right side

Author: 7xterra_joe
I think this is the best bumper on the market. 110% quality. Thank you Jim for this perfect addition to my 2007 Xterra. Joe

Author: Jimmy, Las Vegas, NV
I had the dealer instal my bumper. My exterra looks just like the one in the add. have not needed the wench yet but I love the bumper, rock sliders, and skid plates.

Author: Claude
I put on my bumper and front skid plate just before going to Gone Moab. It was easy to install and it worked very well in Moab. I had a much better approach angle and the skid plate protected my radiator from some very big rock. Thanks guys it looks great and functions even better.

Author: Dean Dalton
Bought - love it. This is the real thing. It was easy to install and it looks awesome.

Author: Joe in NY
Just put it on last week! Only took two people and a jack to install. I'll post a link for pics soon...

Author: JodoKast872, Colorado
After a 35 mph head on collision with a bad driver. I am very glad that i purchased the bumper. Walked away with no scratches and a Xterra that was repairable.
Oh, and it is great in the mountains.

Author: Rodger Malcomb
Well it took almost exactly 4 month to the day to get mine. The waiting was torture, but I love the bumper. Awesome product guys. I will be back for the rear. Hopefully it will be quicker next time.

Author: Benoit
The quality of this bumper is outstanding, best on the market!

Author: Scott Brown, Altoona, Pa
This excellent design front bumper radically changes the entire look of my 2011 Xterra; and gives me a winch mounting spot that looks great.
Now my Xterra looks like a capable off road vehicle, and the front wheels have the clearance to step over obstacles.
The Dealer where I bought it loves it, and I get compliments continually.
This bumper is top quality in design, detail, and looks!
A word on installation: get more than one friend to help [you got more than 1, right?]-it is heavy and you are doing this to improve your ride, so why chance an installation "bump"?

Author: John Tyler III
The fit of my Shrockworks front bumper was perfect. Parked or on the trail, my Shrock is often a conversation starter. "Hey, where did you get that cool bumper for your Xterra?"

2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper
2005-2016 Xterra Front Bumper